Mailchimp: Edit Your Template

This tutorial shows how to edit a Mailchimp template – how to add your text and images to a template that’s already been  created.This is simply a visual guide to show you what to do when you get to the template during campaign creation.

This first visual explains what the different parts of the template are – how to get to the editing screen for each section, how to delete or add another block and what happens when you do.

Mailchimp Edit Template

This second visual tutorial shows the actual editing screen. The top menu behaves like any word processor. The Mailchimp template will always contain the same images and text every time you open it.

This third visual shows you how to add an image to a Mailchimp email. This screen pops up when you click on the image icon in the last window. You can upload an image by clicking the Upload button, or pull in a previously used image from the ‘images’ or ‘files’ folders that are stored on Mailchimp.

Adding Images to Mailchimp Emails