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Amp’d: The Mobile Standard

Google backs the AMP protocol, which is a simpler way of coding mobile sites. It’s a bit of a throwback to HTML with some extra goodies thrown in. This is what Google has to say about it: AMP is an open-source library that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are compelling, smooth, […]

Great Graphics

Good graphics can inspire movement for the potential customer. If a client can get a sense of your business merely from the logo and your website design, you’ve already established yourself in the mind of the client. There shouldn’t be any question about what type of business you run. The business pictured above deals with […]

VPS Hosting: Where What How

Over time, we discovered that The Best Website is not out of financial reach: the best and fastest servers (VPS), the best platform (WordPress), the best framework (Genesis), the best CDN (Cloudflare), the best premium plugins and the best maintenance and support. If you were to acquire these things individually, your site would easily run […]